Technology Summer 2011



 Amy and I presented the “Applying” level. We were able to find many sites that offers ways to carry out or use procedures through executing or implementing.


Class 12  OR – screened videos – videos to select by age — creates quick 30 sec animated videos from you inserting a few pictures – looks for videos to go along with certain pages in your textbook – short movie clips on select topics – no editing

Check out the pptTic-Tac-Toe animated boardgameboard

  Remember: Snipping tool will allow you to copy pictures off of your screen. If school does not have this, “print screen” will allow you to do the same thing. You just have to crop it afterward.

Converting files into smaller files:  OR 

Storage of files:

  • Convert into smaller files
  • post on corporation/teacher site
  • googledocs

Twitter: sharing/following of teacher info!/MrsM4Learning — List of best online games each year!

Ppt – can be used to create games — We’ve started a Tic-Tac-Toe board.

I can video the computer screen with my voice using the SMART notebook 10 software.  You have to use the “video recorder” button. It will record anything going on on the screen, even if you go back and forth between tabs to demonstrate a skill, use other people’s lessons already created, or more.  I can use “movie maker” (in the office menu) to edit, add music, add title & credits, and more.!104 — Navigating Mrs. M’s website

Note to self ——Skydrive: This is an online flashdrive, but to me it isn’t user friendly.  You can only get links if a file isn’t in a folder; however, once you’ve started creating folders, it doesn’t seem to allow you to add a file without putting it in a folder. It was very frustrating! — will record drawing/math equations (on bamboo) & record voice. . .students can explain the process/thinking involved in a problem — can post powerpoints on-line   OR – allows you to record screen & voice — send video out to let parents know how to use my website — SUPER EASY & QUICK — click record, talk, then click email or copy html code to website — FREE downloadable music!103  — Tech Talk Podcast on SMART Response Clickers

Current Events using Google: An easy way to find current events that relate to your topic of study is to use a google news search. At the top of the google window, there’s a search filter, “NEWS.” If you click this before your search, you will get news related events and articles as results. 

Other google tools when searching the web: reading level, wonder wheel, timeline, and dictionary. — Translates English into any language (You can copy & paste back and forth.)

Advanced search (under bar where you type in search words) — This allows you to select the reading level and type of file you are looking for, such as powerpoint, sockwave (games), word, etc. 

iGoogle – When you are in gmail, type in igoogle, and set it as your homepage — set homepage with gadgets (where it says “add stuff”) — to do list, word of the day, clock, weather, etc.

google maps – set destination — will bring up pictures, webcams — I would like to use this to “take” students to the settings of some of the texts that we read, such as Number the Stars takes places in Denmark. How cool is it that we could “visit” Denmark thanks to google!

google scholar – advance search allows you to search within a set year — higher level reading — This would probably be good for any university research that I would need to do for IUS. – will translate webpages, newspapers, etc into other languages or from a language into English

google –  photo tab — “Run Picasa” — allows you to store photos online without taking computer space — and they are accessible anywhere!

Calendar — go to settings to make changes to default

Safety search — In google, go to the wheel in top right hand corner, click search settings . . . strict filter — You can set the settings to “safety search- ON” at the bottom of the page – – Can search for books on a specific topic — You can preview books here. . .many of the pages are available.

Images — locate images on a topic and background info is provided  – Royalty FREE music downloads for podcasts/vodcasts – create account — FREE location to store & create podcasts

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