Technology Summer 2011

I thought this site was very user friendly. It was very cool how it instantly adds the items as I go. It was also very easy to add pictures or videos as well.

It offers an easy way to enhance social studies lessons.  I could create a timeline to begin a unit, so students see and overview of where we are heading. Each day prior to beginning a lesson, I could pull up the timeline for a brief review of yesterday’s material, and then begin on todays. . .with the visual from the timeline.  As a class, we could also create a timeline to review events prior to taking a test.  During exploration, my students give presentations on various explorers, and as the culminating activity, they create a timeline of all the explorers presented by their classmates. This would be a fabulous way to pull all the students information together! 

I would also like to see if it could be used to map out a story.  Can I create a timeline without dates, so I could use it to summarize a story read with the students?   

The only thing I would change is due to teaching 5th grade, I would like to see it more kid-friendly. I wonder if there’s a site similar to this one that is for kids.  Overall, it was a great addition to the sites gained thusfar in this class.


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