Technology Summer 2011  — Fototbabble – This site allows voice to be added to photos.  (I had to upload a photo, add a background, add voice, retitle, and save. It was very easy.)  This could be used as a discussion topic starter to get to know each other, but it could also be used to start book discussions, provoke deeper SS thinking on primary sources, or to start a math problem solving. — This site puts phrases into photos.  Mine was “Reading takes you anywhere you want to go.” — The pictures are limited, but the finished product is powerful. This might be a way to display a topic through images.

This is a site that offers collaboration. Pop ups allow for images, videos, texts, and links to be added.  We used the site to collect information on technology that can be used in the classroom and its pricing.  It was very difficult to get started and invite others. My fear would be that with our school only having internet explorer, if I had several sets of students trying to use this site at the same time (like we did today), they too would encounter errors and issues like we did.  It would be very difficult to problem solve for a room of 27 5th graders. . .who are much less patient than us adults. . .who weren’t all that patient with this site after a while!


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