Technology Summer 2011  — Fototbabble – This site allows voice to be added to photos.  (I had to upload a photo, add a background, add voice, retitle, and save. It was very easy.)  This could be used as a discussion topic starter to get to know each other, but it could also be used to start book discussions, provoke deeper SS thinking on primary sources, or to start a math problem solving. — This site puts phrases into photos.  Mine was “Reading takes you anywhere you want to go.” — The pictures are limited, but the finished product is powerful. This might be a way to display a topic through images.

This is a site that offers collaboration. Pop ups allow for images, videos, texts, and links to be added.  We used the site to collect information on technology that can be used in the classroom and its pricing.  It was very difficult to get started and invite others. My fear would be that with our school only having internet explorer, if I had several sets of students trying to use this site at the same time (like we did today), they too would encounter errors and issues like we did.  It would be very difficult to problem solve for a room of 27 5th graders. . .who are much less patient than us adults. . .who weren’t all that patient with this site after a while!

Advertisements – Voki – “Hello. Welcome to my website.”
This is a cool tool to use with morning directions, read aloud of short passages, or to add to my classroom website I’m making in my other computer class.  I would like to have my students create various vokis to represent themselves, and then they could record their voices reading various passages. That would allow them to analyze their own reading and improve their fluency.  I think once they had a little instruction and a small amount of play time, this would be very easy for my 5th graders to use.
Here you can poll up to 30 students at a time for free without an account.  Just click the green box to create a poll.  I could use these to poll students on lunch count, reading preferences, familiarity of vocab words, and more. I would have 2 concerns though: 1. Many of my students do not have cell phones, and I don’t have enough computer access for those without cell phones to vote within a reasonable amount of time. 2.  Our school’s cell phone policy is that they stay in the backpacks. They are used for before and after school communication with parents. I would have to talk to my principal and contact parents concerning texting plans. I would not want to cause any extra charges for my families. 
The site allowed me to create an account, and it will allow me to create accounts under mine for my students that don’t have email addresses to use.  It creates digital and printable flashcards for vocabulary words for review or partner work.  You can use text definitions or picture definitions (or both).   The “quick editor” button was the easiest path to follow, and it would be best for students to use as well.  I would like to see this used for math and social studies vocabulary, in partners for creation and review. — This site offers videos and text to define difficult words. However, I was unable to find any of the 5 words I searched.  These were words that are often difficult for elementary, so I am wondering if this site is more for high school/SAT prep.  I can get a word of the day emailed to me, which might be interesting. – This site is used by our tech teacher when our students finish early in computer class. – This site has a few interactives that would be helpful.  For example, there is a spelling bee interactive where students listen to read alouds, and then they are asked to spell some of the words they were exposed to in the readings.  There’s also a 3-D interactive for math and a US map with a compass rose & legand that is interactive that would be great for my beginning of the year geography review. – This has a ton of math interactives that can be searched by topic. 
Also, is a great site a fellow classmate told me about.  It has math and science videos with comprehension questions after the videos. 

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This is a very cool site! This site allows you to use post-it notes to display information, pictures, videos, and links.  I could use it to present information, collect research, review for a test, or for a class created plot mountain.  The only drawback is the text remains small, and you can’t click on the post-its to enlarge the information during a presentation.



I thought this site was very user friendly. It was very cool how it instantly adds the items as I go. It was also very easy to add pictures or videos as well.

It offers an easy way to enhance social studies lessons.  I could create a timeline to begin a unit, so students see and overview of where we are heading. Each day prior to beginning a lesson, I could pull up the timeline for a brief review of yesterday’s material, and then begin on todays. . .with the visual from the timeline.  As a class, we could also create a timeline to review events prior to taking a test.  During exploration, my students give presentations on various explorers, and as the culminating activity, they create a timeline of all the explorers presented by their classmates. This would be a fabulous way to pull all the students information together! 

I would also like to see if it could be used to map out a story.  Can I create a timeline without dates, so I could use it to summarize a story read with the students?   

The only thing I would change is due to teaching 5th grade, I would like to see it more kid-friendly. I wonder if there’s a site similar to this one that is for kids.  Overall, it was a great addition to the sites gained thusfar in this class.

Google Forms: Welcome to 5th grade survey — My online collaborative classroom site.

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